May 22, 2017 @ 9:00 am – May 26, 2017 @ 9:00 pm

Overview: As part of the end+disparities Learning Exchange, we are focused on what we can each do as HIV providers and consumers to advance health equity for all and to end disparities in HIV health outcomes. There are many things we can do! Taking action of any type, large or small, is important for ending disparities and all submissions are welcome! If you do any one of these things AND share what you did with NQC between May 22-26, you could WIN A PRIZE IN OUR DRAWING!!!

1. Make an NQC ShareLab entry describing the work you have been doing around disparities
a. Data integrity maintenance and measurement
b. Interventions that improve retention or viral suppression for a disparity population
i. PDSA cycles associated with testing interventions
ii. Add discussions around disparities to a meeting agenda (board, quality, consumer)
c. Interventions or activities that spread learning
i. Presentations on data and lessons learned
d. Consumers talk to folks in their communities about disparities in care
e. Consumers ask their providers about what is happening around disparities in care
2. Share data on disparities in HIV health outcomes at your organization or within your network. Show how the data have changed over time.
3. Host a community event to focus on disparities
a. Town hall or community needs assessment
b. Sharing sessions between consumers and staff
c. Training for staff, consumers and or other stakeholders
d. Kaizen event to improve performance of disparity groups

Goals: Demonstrate widespread activity across the RWHAP community focused on ending disparities. Describe all the work happening in the field around disparities in HIV care. Share empowering and inspiring work across the RWHAP community through narratives and photographs.

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