Partners In+Care Resources

We’re so glad you’re here and look forward to having you as a partner in HIV care: a Partner in+care! Read on to learn more about the partners’ roles and how YOU can get involved.

With the right information and support, people living with HIV (often called consumers or patients) can learn how to live as long as those without HIV and potentially never progress to AIDS. HIV has become a manageable, chronic illness. However, many people living with HIV are not able to access the care and support needed to manage their disease.

The goal of the Partners in+care framework is to provide a model where people with HIV can get involved in improving the quality of HIV care provided at their clinic and in helping others access this care. This toolkit provides the resources needed to do so.

Partners in+care draws upon the knowledge and experience of those currently living with HIV. Consumers understand the care they get at their clinic and why some may not be able to access care. Consumers can support each other in unique ways because of their shared experiences. To help do this, consumers, working in collaboration with National Quality Center (NQC) staff and HIV service providers, created this framework of three roles that people living with HIV can fill to improve care:

The Mentor – Engages and supports peers in managing their own HIV care
The Ambassador – Shares personal and clinic success stories
The Architect – Helps create and support systems that improve quality of care

The purpose of these roles is to create advocates for high quality care. Partners in+care can help build the capacity of people with HIV to be active partners in improving HIV care.