The Ambassador


So you’re an Ambassador. 

This online database will give you all the resources you need to be able to learn and function in the role of a Partners in+care ambassador. This document acts as a guide to allow you to easily sift through and find the specific information compiled by qualified and knowledgeable peers that you are looking for.


What is an Ambassador?

  • Ambassador Overview – This document gives a general overview of the role of an ambassador in an organization. Link to the Ambassador Overview.
  • Tips on being an Effective Ambassador – General tips on being an effective ambassador from business zone. Note that what they call a spokesperson is the same thing as what we are calling an Ambassador. Links to tips on being an effective ambassador.


Face-to-face Interactions as an Ambassador

  • Tips for Telling Effective Personal Stories – Stories that have been around for years, stories we have created, and personal stories. Personal stories are becoming more popular today and are being included in storytellers’ repertoires more frequently as time passes. Even if you are not planning to tell stories professionally, you will realize that there are many benefits that accompany the telling of a personal story. When someone knows our story, they can’t help but like us — and vice versa. This piece was written by a famous story-teller named Chris King who has made a career of telling her personal story and getting others to open up with their own personal stories. Her advice is a great place to start in your own storytelling. Link to Tips for Telling Effective Personal Stories.
  • Sample Narratives for making talking points as an Ambassador – This sample narrative form gives talking points around the end+disparities Learning Exchange, the National Quality Center, retention in care, viral suppression and the HIV care continuum, among others. Link to Sample Narratives.
  • 5 Habits of Highly Effective Communicators – Tips on how to communicate effectively in a business setting. Link to Forbes Tips for Effective Communicators.


Print Media and the Ambassador Role

Explore tips to write effective testimonials, along with sample personal narratives and venues to publish them. Link to Print Media Tips.


Virtual Platforms